Subject: Psionics
From: Taneli Tikka (
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 00:49:42 EEST

Before i begin again a brief intro for Talgor:
I am Mandor, one of the oldest gods (designer) aswell :) been with majik
team since spring 1997 and mudlike-majik. Mandor as a member of the
phanteon is the god of darkness, shadows, intrigues, consipiracy, murder
and assassination. Mandor also represents intelligent evil, hunger for
power and dark plans of domination, the unlife itself utter black
destruction and darkness everlasting. Ultimate evil, but not chaotic,
rather well organized and well planning. Mandor is one of the sons of
superme evil greater god Sinister (other sons are atleast Harum and

Yes but psionics.. i wrote stuff (or uploaded a textfile to former
majik-3) about psionics like more than a year ago or so.. 
my idea back then was that psionics should be an in-born ability that you
in NO WAY can learn later, only improve. And there are many different
categories of psionic powers.. atleast telepathy, ESP, psychokinesis,
elektrokinesis, anti psionic powers, psyhic vampirism (maybe), psionic
healing and transportation, and possibly few others. All powers would be
latent since birth, untill awakened.. and it would be totally random what
powers/if any each character will get. Not all minds are born talanted.
Psionics should be way more rare power than magic.. and i has some
considerable advantages over magic, since magic and psionics do not
correlate at any point. ie huge magic resistance does not help one bit
aganist psionics - and the other way around.

but lets fight over this after we'v done magic for good :)


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