Weather & some whine

Subject: Weather & some whine
From: Kim Kunnas (
Date: Tue Jun 15 1999 - 11:08:34 EEST

Namhas and I had a little argue about Gods and while Namhas was stubborn

as usual, I feel I have to choose a new design subject. Since it seems
that no
one hasn't yet chosen to make weather desc I'll do that. Also, if you
are alrea
dy making this without informing design, too bad for you.

I'll use general earth weather pattern when making the weather, though
will be of course some specialities (this is fantasy world anyway). If
you are
making some specific area and would like to have some special weather
there, mail to me (email address is in the end of file).

Some info

Namhas requests Mcduff to do some symbols for gods which are based on
those few symbol descs which we already have. Contact Namhas and he will

tell more.

This is mostly for those who are making gods. Forget racial gods,
of influence and such. Namhas suggested that there shouldn't be spheres
cause gods are generally all powerful and can act, and appear, as they
Also, forget racial god names, Namhas said it would be too kludge to
things work so that for example "Kmarag" would mean harum or dazzt. He
also said that there shouldn't be combo gods which consists of two or
gods (like that Kmarag which has characteristics from both Dazzt and Ha
rum, or at least it seems so). Previous statements were the main reason
I refused to do god descs anymore.

Namhas and I both are quite unhappy about design people. People take
projects wihtout informing (I hear that Glabrezus friend is making flora
no-one has informed about it, even after Namhas said him to do so). If
people don't star informing about their doings there might be soon
doing same things. Needless to say, those who inform about their
will get the design job (Even if someone else has started it, though
work is then preferred).

About STATUS REPORTS. I haven't heard anyone else to send them
except me and McDuff. It doesn't matter if your work is not ready yet,
send Namhas everything you have currently and then after that send
every new piece of work you do. Designers should send status report
before WEDNESDAY for as you have probably noticed (have you?)
Namhas sends his own status report on Wednesday.

I think that's all.

- Beregar (

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