Subject: hmm..
From: Taneli Tikka (
Date: Tue Jun 15 1999 - 19:04:54 EEST

On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Kim Kunnas wrote:

> About STATUS REPORTS. I haven't heard anyone else to send them
> except me and McDuff. It doesn't matter if your work is not ready yet,
> send Namhas everything you have currently and then after that send
> every new piece of work you do. Designers should send status report
> before WEDNESDAY for as you have probably noticed (have you?)
> Namhas sends his own status report on Wednesday.

Iv send status reports also, grr. ;) 
..but about that God thing. I think im with namhas, some wierd mixed-gods
that consist from greater forces are just a simple thing made the hardest
possible way =P.. i think my suggestion about gods (discussion held at
majik3 (missed it? be there, we talk design)) is better..  This is a
roleplaying game after all, so roles of smaller Gods can also be taken at
will by bigger gods... i'll explain if anyone cares to listen, i know that
Beregar wont care =) he'll prolly burn his fuses for this one too =P.

- Mandor

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