Majik (and Magic) (and some Re: New)

Subject: Majik (and Magic) (and some Re: New)
From: Juha Jantunen (
Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 22:46:40 EEST

Well, I make this suggestion for a one-line designer-guide:

I did, and I have to say that it was most... enlightening. ;) And also
reveals that making any kind of overview is impossible because everyone
has a different opinion on everything and nothing's set... So no wonder
Glabrezu didn't have much success trying to make one... ;) As far as I can
tell, even the world's shape hasn't been decided on, so how am I to make
an overview of it? ;)

And for other comments in the thread... Well, there are lots of things I
quite liked in there... Some little things, like migrating trees (I think
that's pretty hilarious, hope it gets implemented ;) and some major
things, like the UI/name discussion... Also little bits and pieces of what
kind of magic different races might have... I have more questions on that
but I'll wait for a reply to my previous mail before asking them...

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999 14:30:37 +0300 Beregar <> wrote:
>Design races & regions! Magic at this time is irrelevant (hmm damn,
>i'm starting to resemble devs with my comments), there's not much
>sense in magic designing if you don't have anyone who uses it. Though
>while designing races/tribes you can make race/tribe related spells and
>maybe build that "common spells" list too (just to make Malekith
>happy ;).

Well, you see, I have this problem of not being any good at designing
races and regions... ;) I tried it in my RuneQuest campaign (when I still
had one) and it fell flat on its face quite nicely. ;) And as someone
said, there apparently are enough races for now, they just need to be
developed by those who are working on them... And I would claim there IS
sense in making magic now, since there are already some races fairly well
designed, and I intend to make use of what I know of them in making the
spells. I'll just ask a few more annoying questions and then I'll start
puttering with them...

>P.S. Address all questions to design and you may (or may not) get
>       the answer, address also all ideas to design and you get flamed:)

Hey, I expect my first little spells to get laughed at, flamed at, used
wipe various bits of people's anatomy and recycled to be used as 
firelighters... I'm not doing this to be popular. ;)

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