Subject: Milestones
From: Beregar (
Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 22:58:33 EEST

Our current designer milestone is somewhat bad (i'd say it sucks, but I'm not that mean). It's true that we first need weather and brief region descs before we can de cide where to place races, but we need races and more detailed descs before we can start to create languages and flora. How can we create languages if we don't know all races? (I guess some most important npc races have their own
languages too) and there are always mentioned some strange plants which races use for this and that. I agree that these tasks can be started before creation of races but they can't be finis hed until we have all races descriped. Also, we can't yet describe all gods since ma ny races have lesser gods which they worship. I think it's better to design gods for races and then let real people pick one
to play, besides I recall that this was how it was intented to be. We can make more usefull and better descriped gods when we know something about races. Of course there can be these Greater Gods and Gods which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with races, but I think we should have at least lesser gods made for certain races.

Then few questions: What should "The planet and Continents within" contain?
Howabout "Structure of the World?

If someone missed point of this mail it is: We have to make descs for climate, regions and races first before we can make everything else.

So, What do you think?

- Beregar (

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