Webmaster's Revival

Subject: Webmaster's Revival
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 16:25:25 EEST

Attention Webmaster! Your troubles are over! 

There is no doubt in what turns on people.
Combine the two most prominent elements: Sex & Money 
and what do you get?………TRAFFIC!
This is what Centexchange is all about, we can explode your site 
with surfers and make it the Favorite one on the Web.
Surfers become members of our community, then they can start earning
money while surfing your site, How come?
The advertising site (you for instance) has an advertising budget, 
which is especially for the surfers entering the site. 
For example: you decide to pay 50 cent for 5 minutes staying at your
site. We are responsible for managing the money transactions plus
guarantee that in those 5 minutes the surfer doesn't get banners 
interruptions and he can't minimize or make any changes in the screen
(we call it: "focused advertising"). If he keeps these conditions 
he gets his virtual money. Now the surfers can make purchases with
their savings only in the selling sites, which are members of the 
community (could be your advertising site that has goods & services
to sell). That's the way the money goes back to his owner
(the advertising site) plus revenues from additive private money the
surfer wishes to spend. As the best traffic builders on the Web
Centexchange enables you the receiving site to reach your target 
market fast.
Completing the above is the SMARTCARD that is given for free to all
surfers whom are members of the community. With this Centexcard they
can reload their virtual savings via Internet stations spread all over
and purchase in the real stores outside the Web. 
Regarding the sex section, we know that the main interface is the 
Web site activating online, but our recommendation is not to ignore
the advantages of the smartcard concerning the outside world.

Let us help you enlarge your share having a wishful fluent TRAFFIC
of surfers constantly increasing the site's revenues.

Sincerely Yours

          Oren Leiberman
   International Franchising Manager

Email: frchise@centexchange.com
Site: www.centexchange.com
Phone: 972-7-6276031/24
Fax: 972-7-6276128
If you don't want to receive mail from us in the future simply reply
with "remove" in the subject.  

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