Re: where the kids have seen things that we ain't never seen

Subject: Re: where the kids have seen things that we ain't never seen
From: Atte Koivula (
Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 18:54:21 EEST

McDuff wrote:
> That would be fine, but Mandor has already got Behran, Filas and Hamil as
> elven territory, and that puts Dethzael on the borders of human, elf and
> troll territory - not exactly remote!

Right, not exactly remote but collectively avoided for various reasons
of which the least is not the presence of my temple. But you do have a
point there, I'd imagine the Necrolytes wouldn't enjoy being squeezed
between the elves and the trolls.
> Down in Nabor Thaan, the Orcs have got to cross the sea of tailwind and
> there won't be many people able to cross the Black Waste from the north of
> Voran, so it's probably one of the most remote spots on Majik.  And Nabor
> Thaan has a kind of mysticism about it.  If you want the Necrolytes to be
> hard to find, I'd stick them here.  If you want them to be easy to find, or
> if having them near your temple is important, put them in the mountains of
> eclipse.

Right, Nabor Thaan is fine but I still think they shouldn't live in the
volcanic areas, more like in the eastern peninsula. Who occupies the
city of Eterra btw?

> Are the necrolytes a "secret race," for people to discover as they play, or
> are people going to know where they are from the beginning?  If they're
> secret, when I do the descs I can put "an atmosphere of forboding" on
> whatever area you choose :)))

I'd like that there would be a little information about Necrolytes among
the more "illuminated" races such as the elves and certain human tribes,
and orcs naturally because of the geographical closeness of the
Necrolyte areas. This is simply because if no-one would know about
Necrolytes they would serve no purpose, and I'd like Necrolytes to play
a fairly important part in the world of Majik, at least more important
than being a mere curiosity. They deserve it because of their
originality and potential. But as far as the players are concerned, they
should NOT be aware of the existence of the Necrolyte race nor the
location of the Necrolyte areas without having to work for them, ie.
they are a secret race for people to discover as they play.
/Atte "Yorkaturr" Koivula <>

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