Re: where the kids have seen things that we ain't never seen

Subject: Re: where the kids have seen things that we ain't never seen
From: McDuff (
Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 17:53:00 EEST

>You mean the burning ash wastes of Thjarr.

Yeah, I've had that problem.  I've been working off a printout for
simplicity, but I've scribbled on it and it wasn't very good to start off
with, so some of the stuff has been, well, guesswork :))  Burning ash
wastes, good!

Personally I would imagine
>Necrolytes living in a more temperate climate... something like the
>mountain range in the northern edge of the isle of Beheran (in the
>far-eastern side of the map) or preferably the Mountains of Eclipse in
>the Dethzael area. That would be ideal considering the Swamp of Enmity
>(in which there's a temple where my physical avatar usually lives) is
>located fairly close to the west... Even the name "Dethzael" conjures up
>an atmosphere of vaguely malevolent mysticism which suits the Necrolytes

That would be fine, but Mandor has already got Behran, Filas and Hamil as
elven territory, and that puts Dethzael on the borders of human, elf and
troll territory - not exactly remote!

Down in Nabor Thaan, the Orcs have got to cross the sea of tailwind and
there won't be many people able to cross the Black Waste from the north of
Voran, so it's probably one of the most remote spots on Majik.  And Nabor
Thaan has a kind of mysticism about it.  If you want the Necrolytes to be
hard to find, I'd stick them here.  If you want them to be easy to find, or
if having them near your temple is important, put them in the mountains of

Are the necrolytes a "secret race," for people to discover as they play, or
are people going to know where they are from the beginning?  If they're
secret, when I do the descs I can put "an atmosphere of forboding" on
whatever area you choose :)))


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