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Subject: Re: Questions About Most Everything
From: Jonathan Koehn (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 18:41:14 EET


> Hello,
> I also have many questions about how you are structuring the
> 3D-animation system in majik (i.e. in what format/how do I submit
> animation sequences for characters walking, swinging a sword, crouching,
> running, drawing a bow, eating etc etc etc).  Is your animation system
> axis-based polygon deformation (rotation/translation/scale of polygons
> relative to some reference axi/point) or point-based (where I would just
> give you coordinates for the all the vertices in a model, each vertex
> with a separate motion path for the duration of the animation) Can it do
> both? Does it do something else entirely (shudder)?

Namhas,Harum, Dazzt?
Id like to know this to.:)

> Also I want to be able to see the meshes I make in the actual game, to
> get a better idea of what I'm doing (ie. this has too many polys, this
> map looks bad, etc). Can I "load" objects into the majik executable
> program (which I havent downloaded yet)? Will they look right (proper
> textures, assuming such are contained in the origional file)? Where
> should I put image maps, how do I get the program to find them, and get
> it to use them for the right things (transparency for example)?  Can I
> affect them (i.e. fix texture map placement, object
> scale/translation/rotation) within the program (in realtime)? If I can't
> do any of this can we incorporate all or some of it into the next
> release? Please?

First off textures used in Majik3d are .rgb theres a nice free program
called gimp that will convert lots of formats to gimp.
Gimp for windows is here i believe
and linux i think is here
Program where using for puting objects into majik3d is Ac3d
Hopefully later on we will be able to manipulate them in realtime. :)
depends on programmers :)

> Can I just give everything (objects, texture maps, etc) to someone else,
> and get them to do all this, send me the results so I can load up the
> program and have a look?:)

this might be easiest for now but would be nice if you could convert at
least textures.
Also models to 3ds ac3d seems to be having problem with lightwave files. One
thing i have noticed with 3ds is if you make a boolean to an object say make
a window the 3ds file format will cover the window i think same for dxf .
Is there a format that doesnt do this that is supported by ac3d?

> -Isaiah aka Luxem

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