Questions About Most Everything

Subject: Questions About Most Everything
From: Isaiah Kraus (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 04:10:53 EET


I also have many questions about how you are structuring the
3D-animation system in majik (i.e. in what format/how do I submit
animation sequences for characters walking, swinging a sword, crouching,
running, drawing a bow, eating etc etc etc).  Is your animation system
axis-based polygon deformation (rotation/translation/scale of polygons
relative to some reference axi/point) or point-based (where I would just
give you coordinates for the all the vertices in a model, each vertex
with a separate motion path for the duration of the animation) Can it do
both? Does it do something else entirely (shudder)?

Also I want to be able to see the meshes I make in the actual game, to
get a better idea of what I'm doing (ie. this has too many polys, this
map looks bad, etc). Can I "load" objects into the majik executable
program (which I havent downloaded yet)? Will they look right (proper
textures, assuming such are contained in the origional file)? Where
should I put image maps, how do I get the program to find them, and get
it to use them for the right things (transparency for example)?  Can I
affect them (i.e. fix texture map placement, object
scale/translation/rotation) within the program (in realtime)? If I can't
do any of this can we incorporate all or some of it into the next
release? Please?

Can I just give everything (objects, texture maps, etc) to someone else,
and get them to do all this, send me the results so I can load up the
program and have a look?:)

-Isaiah aka Luxem

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