Subject: Animals/Stats
From: Pekka Toppi (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 10:08:23 EET

I've been working on the animal database or library or whatever you want
to call it.
It's been kinda slow, because I still haven't found a good source of
There is another problem in it, though. I really need some information
about the stat system so that I could give atleast some kind of game
information about them. And if you have an animal you would like to have
in your area or in the game just post it to me and I'll dig up the
information about it. 
So far I have done mostly generic animals and I dont think there is a need
to do any special animals, since they can be altered from the basic ones I
make. Ie there is no point in describing five different types of bears,
since they can all be modified from the generic bear desc. 
I hope I have the time to put some example html in my ftp-dir this week.


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