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Subject: Re: Starting time
From: Joshua Corning (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 23:22:03 EET

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Beregar wrote:

> I don't remember if we agreed starting the game only a few hours after the cataclysm or something like 10 years after it. I would myself want to see it starting something like 10 years after the cataclysm or if this is not possible, at least having player "hibernating" few years. Read my updated Beduin desc from my ftp and you will understand why.
> - Beregar Dar'Eldath (

It was my understanding that the game starts withing a 48 hour time after
the cataclysm. The resone for this is becouse first that if there is a
large amount of time after the cataclym then we have to make Three descs
for each region. one for befor the cataclym then one for what the
cataclysm did then one for what the world looks like after the ctaclysm
after people have craeted new towns and cities. Secondly the whole point
of the cataclysm was to make a world that the players define as it
progresses. If we make time after the cataclysm then the designers are
putting in cities tell players how to act and how to develope the
world. Anyway I thought theere was a conceses on this from mandor and
harum that it was within a 48 hour period. I have not read your desc theat
neeat needs 10 years i will after work and comment on it.

joshua 'hook' corning

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