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Isnt there more mails on this subject of magic? hmm like bout symbols would
be nice if they
were added :)
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> I would like someone to add spellcasting part to the file. Spellcasting
> in this case meaning all those thingies about symbol combining, possible
> generic spells etc. Also symbol (or whatever they are called nowadays)
> would be nice to have. I ripped all current tests from those texts which
> Mandor wrote. If you feel that something needs changing then change
> them.
> - Beregar Dar'Eldath (


> 1. Nature of magic and structure of reality
> Just like in quantum physics also the majik universe consists of very
small parts. These are the
> parts that form reality. Lets call them prime particles or PP. Just like
small quantum particles
> form quarks, protons, atoms etc. In the same way PP's form patterns and
patterns form things and
> whole systems. Patterns like time, matter, energy, space, spirit and mind
are constructed from
> prime particles. Everything within the creation is based on PP's and
patterns. Like a mind of a
> person for example - it's a complex thing of creation, formed from a
complex pattern - that is a
> vast group of PPs creating the pattern of mind.
> When the elder gods created the universe they designed it to work on these
basics and only they
> know exactly how the universe works. They see beyond the normal illusion
of existence, they know
> what is beyond.
> Magic is that event when you manipulate and change the patterns or in very
powerful magic change
> the the prime particles itself. When you cast a spell, when you do magic -
you really manipulate
> or control the prime particles creating the whole reality. Though only the
elder gods are able to
> work in this meta-physical level manipulating single PPs instead of
manipulation of the patterns
> (that are constructed from PPs). Like a mind spell that read a persons
mind: basicly what it does
> is that it opens the targets pattern of mind for the the caster to see, or
connects the casters
> mind to the targets (where he is then able to read memories etc)..
> Spellcasting

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