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Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 20:11:50 EET

I would like someone to add spellcasting part to the file. Spellcasting
in this case meaning all those thingies about symbol combining, possible
generic spells etc. Also symbol (or whatever they are called nowadays)
would be nice to have. I ripped all current tests from those texts which
Mandor wrote. If you feel that something needs changing then change

- Beregar Dar'Eldath (

1. Nature of magic and structure of reality

Just like in quantum physics also the majik universe consists of very small parts. These are the
parts that form reality. Lets call them prime particles or PP. Just like small quantum particles
form quarks, protons, atoms etc. In the same way PP's form patterns and patterns form things and
whole systems. Patterns like time, matter, energy, space, spirit and mind are constructed from 
prime particles. Everything within the creation is based on PP's and patterns. Like a mind of a 
person for example - it's a complex thing of creation, formed from a complex pattern - that is a 
vast group of PPs creating the pattern of mind. 

When the elder gods created the universe they designed it to work on these basics and only they 
know exactly how the universe works. They see beyond the normal illusion of existence, they know 
what is beyond. 

Magic is that event when you manipulate and change the patterns or in very powerful magic change
the the prime particles itself. When you cast a spell, when you do magic - you really manipulate 
or control the prime particles creating the whole reality. Though only the elder gods are able to 
work in this meta-physical level manipulating single PPs instead of manipulation of the patterns 
(that are constructed from PPs). Like a mind spell that read a persons mind: basicly what it does 
is that it opens the targets pattern of mind for the the caster to see, or connects the casters
mind to the targets (where he is then able to read memories etc).. 


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