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These things were mainly written by Mandor, I made a few changes/additions.
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Somewhere in the area and powerclass of demigods stand the sages and the ancients. 
The ancients are spirits, created by the new and elder gods, who took the form of 
flesh before the war of Gods, watched as other made war, lived within the creation 
and later interacted with the species of men. The ancients are very very old, some 
of them even older than some of <god level> new gods or <lesser god level> new 
gods and certainly older than any demigod. Of course the ancients may have children 
too - but the term ancient refers to the original ancients who were among the first 
beings in existence within the creation. Their powers however dont mach that of the 
gods but their knowledge is _VAST_ and their mastery over the art of magic is near 
perfect. Of course ancients vary in power, but sages are usually the most powerful 
of ancients. 

Sages are game designers, like you. They belong to a 'race' or a group of creatures 
called "the ancients". All sages are mostly creations of the new gods, but some are 
even created by the elder gods. They aren't humans or not necessarily belong to any 
humanoid-creature group. They can be ancient beasts like dragons, great eagles, 
celestial spirits, moon elves, or some other unique, weird and long lost creatures. 
They might even be last surviving members of their own species. Also sages can have 
multiple forms, like 10 different beast forms and 3 humanoid forms for example. 

Some of the sages are younger than others, while a group of them has been created 
by elder/new gods, some of them have been created by lesser and younger gods. the 
age between sages can vary in thousands of years. 

But nearly all sages are still older than mankind itself, they are the ancients 
after all. They are evidently immortal and quite powerful in terms of physical 
strenght, and other suchs things. But the greatest power of the sages comes from 
eons of experience. They know _alot_ and they interact with men more than gods do, 
so they are atleast the next best thing, sometimes even better. All sages know a 
great deal about magic and other hidden arts. 

Sages often serve greater powers. Demigods are about equal to sages in power, lesser 
gods are a little above them, new gods are far above sages and elder gods arent even 
from this world not to mention their superiors, the greater gods ...

Sages might follow some gods agenda, do some tasks for him, lead mortals to goals of 
the god. They may even serve more than one god at same time, even if those gods have 
different philosophies and are rivals to eachother, without them knowing it for sages 
often follow their own paths and care about the world and mortals much more than the
gods themselves do. While the sages often serve the god they do not necessary follow
all whims of the gods, other than namely, they do this fully knowing their value for
the gods. 

When the game begings the primary role of sages is to teach and lead the mortals in
the forms of wise men, hiding their true nature unless it is necessary to show their 
real power. Sages will become powerful leaders and respected tutors for awhile, but
our goal is that eventually, when players possess the knowledge and skills to play
independly, role of the sages changes more towards one of the observer who watches
that everything goes on smoothly, interfering only if need arises. 

Text mostly by Mandor

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