Other Majik3d-like RPGs

Subject: Other Majik3d-like RPGs
From: Patrick O'Neil (patrick.oneil@hci.utah.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 02 1999 - 21:36:14 EET

Just a note to let you know...if you don't already.
In your faq, #2.11 adresses other projects like yours
and you mention Underlight.  I believe you could consider
Sierra's Middle Earth project to be along the same lines
as well.  They are developing a very largescale world
based heavily on JRR Tolkien's LOR trilogy - same map
and all.  The website is:

Your project is certainly farther along...especially since
Sierra recently juggled developers on their project.  

On another note, I haven't looked at it much but why 
wouldn't the game _Battlespire_ be along the lines
of your (and the other) RPGs?  It is a year to year-and-
a-half years old (ancient in computer terms) but it is
3D RPG of sorts - much less freedom of character creation
and behavior, I assume, but...


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