Subject: GUARANTEED way to quickly have EXCELLENT CREDIT!!
Date: Sun Oct 24 1999 - 08:48:58 EEST

Dear Friend,

Give yourself the ADVANTAGE of a new, legal, unblemished credit file in less
than 30 days, allowing you to enter this Holiday Season and the Millennium with 
excellent credit! 

Over the past 8 years I have perfected a system called the Proven Credit 
Advantage Program. It's a guaranteed way for legally getting an excellent 
credit rating almost instantly. Here's how. 

You will simply go through my easy 5 step program to quickly get a new, legal, 
unblemished credit file and establish Excellent Credit.

Step 1 - 
Because no two people in the United States have the same Social Security
Number, Banks and Creditors access your credit file almost entirely by your SS#.

You will not want to change your Social Security Number because it is extremely 
difficult to do so and you need it for your Employment, Taxes and Social 
Security Benefits. The FEDERAL PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 clearly states that only 
the Government and your employer can force you to use your SS#. Because of this
law you are allowed to legally use another 9 digit number to use in place of 
your Social Security # on credit applications. 

The first day you become my client, you will receive your own number through 
the Employer Identification Number Program. You will need us for this because 95% 
of all Employer Identification Numbers, although 9 digits, do not look anything 
like Social Security Numbers and cannot be used on credit applications.
We will legally get you an Employer Identification Number that fits in the same 
range of Social Numbers in use today. Because the Federal Laws do not require 
you to give your SS# to anyone besides your Employer and the Government, you 
can now legally use this number in place of your SS# on credit applications. 
Remember, your new number will only be used for new credit. 

Step 2 - 
No two people with the same name have the same mailing address, so you will need
to obtain a new mailing address for use on your new credit file. A friend, 
relative or mailbox address in your area will be perfect.

Step 3 - 
No two people with the same name have the same telephone numbers, so you will 
also need a new telephone number for use on your new credit file. A friend, 
relative, voice mail or pager will again work perfectly.

Step 4 - 
With your new Social Security number, new address and new telephone number we
will open your new credit file. It will now be totally impossible for any 
creditor to know anything about your past credit history.

Step 5-
To guarantee that you will quickly qualify for credit again, we will assist you
 in instantly adding positive information to your new credit file. This is an 
unknown way of adding real accounts to your new credit file to give you an 
Excellent Credit Rating in less than 30 days. As you know, the more positive 
information on your credit file, the more money banks will lend you.

Many of our clients have credit lines over $100,000 because of our Proven Credit 
Advantage Program!

When we are finished you will have a copy of your new, legal, unblemished credit
file proving that you now have excellent credit again. This will take less than 
30 days. You will now be able to easily qualify for credit! 

To order your Proven Credit Advantage Program simply send me your name, complete
mailing address including zip code and telephone number (optional) along with a 
check or money order payable to American Financial Services Inc. for $39.00. 

Send to: 

American Financial Services Inc.
Attn: Mike Robbins
311 N. Robertson Blvd. 
Suite 625
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

All necessary paperwork along with a telephone number to contact us for 
assistance will be priority mailed to you within 48 hours.

My Proven Credit Advantage Program unconditionally guarantees you will qualify 
for personal loans, business loans, credit cards, auto loans, home loans and any
other credit you apply for!

If you are not able to qualify for credit after using my program, simply 
return your Proven Credit Advantage Program along with your denial letter and
your $39.00 investment will be refunded DOUBLE! That's a $68.00 refund if this
doesn't work like I say!

I make this guarantee to you because the Proven Credit Advantage Program has
already helped thousands of people just like you. I KNOW it works - all you need 
to do is order! I truly look forward to making you another satisfied client.  

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