E-Commerce Management

Subject: E-Commerce Management
Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 03:51:52 EEST


Internet Interactive Secure On-line E-Commerce Management System.
Complete Design, Development, Management, and Maintenance.
Microsoft Back Office Platform.
Storing information in MS Sql Server Database;
Complete tracking, retrieving, and reporting capabilities in real time.

All you need is your browser to run e-business.

Internet Site: www.Torabi.com
Email: Ehsan@Torabi.com
Phone: (310) 573-9843

Please review my Resume Profile online at: http://Torabi.com
Or visit http://LAMarket.net

Thank you
Ehsan Torabi
Information Systems Analyst

E-Commerce Management System
There are many benefits that you can inherit when you are in
http://LAMarket.net team.
1- More visibility and more people will know about your products and
through our group advertising programs.
2- Automated contact management. Such as, selecting specific
category of clients and broadcast specific message to all via email.
3- Or setup a group of messages to be delivered to specific clients on
specific timely schedules.
4- Having instant view of your sales, daily, monthly, yearly.
5- Automated inventory control and ordering products from vendors.
6- Monitoring, and administration of your clients, products, vendors,
and complete reporting about your business online in real time.
7- Secure submission, collection of funds and monitoring the delivery
and satisfaction of both clients and merchants.
8- In case of an existing site on another location, This duplicate or
shadow site
satisfies the disaster recovery plan in case one of the other sites goes
9- There are many benefits and there will be much more available as
we progress. As different merchantís requests for different capabilities,
we make those available to other merchants once itís there.
10- The goal is to create a team that each member has special technique,
and share those resources among the members.
I can go on and on...

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