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Subject: Re: Free?
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Mon Sep 13 1999 - 08:37:56 EEST

On Sun, 12 Sep 1999, Karim Rizkallah wrote:

> 	I'm not saying overprice the sucker to scare away half of the
> players, but I I would be more than willing to pay a small amount (maybe
> 5$/month, or 20$ for a year, or something...) if I see that it is a quality
> game.  Is it a matter of financial laws and crap like that?  Too complicated
> to do all of that?  Anyway, I was just wondering...  It just seems a bit odd
> to work so hard, and not charge anything, which would be a bit of extra
> effort and a lot of extra money.

I would say too complicated. If it would cost money we would have to
require credit cards from the players, which I, for instance, don't
even have and it would then lessen the amount of players. In my vision
Majik would be a top of its ideas when there would be no artificial NPCs,
everything would be player controlled and guess what we need then?
Players! Secondly I don't thing many would contribute code for Majik
if it would cost money and majority of Open Source enthusiastics
would just hate Majik by a principle. Thirdly, we would have to form
up a company of some sort for it. aand it is also easier to get top1
of sold games if we don't charge more than the cost of the medium :)

Instead, we hope to receive donations from people like you. We're 
about to establish non-profit organization to support this and alike
projects. We could, for example, give "divine favor" for players
donating money and thus following the idea of BatMUD, where they
give "task points" for players who donate money and thus they can
get "boons" so their character will be better. This is of course a
bit unfair and thus only "divine favor" which can matter or then
not and it will not last forever. Thus, the players donating money
will be in better relation with the gods with less work than those
who do not. They just seem more lucky.

All the donations are then taken by our non-profit organization
and saved until we need them for things such as buying new hardware
and upgrading our server, which is absolutely necessary as time
passes and then if we have any spare money, we can use them to
feed up people in Majik conventions or otherwise support the project.

> 	My only concern, like I stated earlier, is the people that can join
> the game, and bug the crap out of actual players.  If these people had to
> pay, than they wouldn't.  At least, most wouldn't.

We have another means to cut the crap out :) We're trying to build an
environment with such a atmosphere so there would be no place for such
players, they would find it out sooner or later. And don't you say
there isn't lunatics irl too? :) It would be actually fun to roleplay
such cases.

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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