Solaris updates

Subject: Solaris updates
From: Steve Brown (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 14:23:53 EEST

Wow, you guys don't hang around - just checked the web pages to see
where I should be
writing this message and noticed my name in there too :) Suppose
I better send you a
mugshot or something then?

Anyway, majik3d now compiles (and autoconfigures) under Solaris,
assuming you have
the patched PLIB. There's a new file added to CVS called README.solaris
should give details on how to compile. If someone could test that my
patches don't
interfere with a Linux compilation that would be good, cos I don't have
Linux here
to test it with at the moment. I don't think they will, all the changes
(except to are enclosed in a #if defined (__svr4__), which I'm pretty
sure Linux
doesn't define (its defined by GCC when running on Solaris)

Am I on the developer mailing list, or do I need to subscribe to that
myself? If so,
where is it? :)

Talk to you all soon,
Steve. (Or Tiik as my Finnish father-in-law calls me cos he never the
name Steve before)

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