CVS commit(s) by namhas

Subject: CVS commit(s) by namhas
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Sat Aug 28 1999 - 15:00:00 EEST

Update of /majik/cvsroot/majik3d/client/src
In directory majik:/tmp/cvs-serv17561

Modified Files:
	Config.cpp Config.hpp Debug.cpp Debug.hpp Display.cpp 
	Display.hpp Error.cpp Error.hpp Input.cpp Input.hpp 
	Landscape.cpp Landscape.hpp Mapquad.cpp Mapquad.hpp Menu.cpp 
	Menu.hpp Object.cpp Object.hpp Overlay.cpp Overlay.hpp 
	Perlin.cpp Perlin.hpp Protocol.cpp Protocol.hpp Scene.cpp 
	Scene.hpp Socket.cpp Socket.hpp main.cpp 
Log Message:
Clean up, added some comments and removed old commented out code and forgot
the K&R style {}'s and indent is now 2 instead of 3. Tab size 8. This is
default on Emacs and also works now with more/less etc., unlike the style
we used with jed.

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