CVS commit(s) by delancie

Subject: CVS commit(s) by delancie
From: Steve Brown (
Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 20:00:00 EEST

Update of /majik/cvsroot/majik3d/client/src
In directory majik:/tmp/cvs-serv3475

Modified Files:
	Object.cpp Object.hpp Scene.cpp 
Log Message:
Changed Scene.cpp so that getHOT is now called from Object::moveTo()
instead of Scene::update() - net result, one call when tuxi moves instead
of 1 every frame thats drawn. Increased fps by about 0.5ish. This also
is a precursor to private member variables (since it messes with ob_pos,
which shouldn't be done anywhere except Object anyway).
Also fixed bug in Object::moveTo() (STUPID ASSUMPTION != bug but anyway)
whereby the interface was int's instead of floats... How come no compiler

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