CVS commit(s) by namhas

Subject: CVS commit(s) by namhas
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 13:00:02 EEST

Update of /majik/cvsroot/majik3-testplatform/skill
In directory majik:/tmp/cvs-serv9797

Modified Files:
Added Files:
	long_blades_attack.c long_blades_parry.c parry.c 
	shield_attack.c shield_parry.c short_blades_attack.c 
	short_blades_parry.c unarmed_attack.c unarmed_parry.c 
Removed Files:
	dagger_attack.c dagger_parry.c long_blades.c 
	longsword_attack.c longsword_parry.c short_blades.c 
	small_shield_attack.c small_shield_parry.c unarmed_combat.c 
Log Message:
New battle skills.

Update of /majik/cvsroot/majik3-testplatform/design-specs
In directory majik:/tmp/cvs-serv9803

Modified Files:
Log Message:

Update of /majik/cvsroot/majik3-testplatform/inherit
In directory majik:/tmp/cvs-serv9809

Modified Files:
Log Message:

Update of /majik/cvsroot/majik3-testplatform/obj/weapon
In directory majik:/tmp/cvs-serv9822

Modified Files:
	dagger.c longsword.c 
Added Files:
	bastard_sword.c battle_axe.c katana.c scimitar.c short_sword.c 
Log Message:
New weapons.

Update of /majik/cvsroot/majik3-testplatform/obj/armor
In directory majik:/tmp/cvs-serv9828

Modified Files:
	leather_armor.c plate_mail.c splint_mail.c 
Log Message:
Tuned protection values.

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