Subject: cvs
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 03:20:02 EET

The CVS tree is now tagged by symbol rel-0-4-0 and it points to the 0.4.0
release. If we want to use CVS branches then a would suggest following.
If we want to add a patch to the 0.4.0 release then we do a branch
patch-0-4-0 or something and add the stuff there. Then with the main CVS
tree we can do just whatever we want, and we should concentrate only on
the 0.5.0 features. Then when we are no longer doing more 0.4.0 patching
then we just can merge the patch-0-4-0 branch with the 0.5 branch. This
way we would have the 0.4 changes separate from 0.5 kludging, but I don't
really like the idea of going through all the conflicts the merge will

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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