next milestones version 0.2

Subject: next milestones version 0.2
From: Jari P Saukkonen (jsaukkon@cs.Helsinki.FI)
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 00:27:39 EET

Milestone 5


  + code cleanup and memory leak fixing

  + quadtree world managing system
    - this has to be done in C for performancy issues, but let's prototype
      in python
    - nicely abstracted to allow transparent division of the world among
      multiple servers
  + state object for holding objects states (stats etc)
    - knows how to automatically save/load it's state
    - conversion functions between different versions
  + better protocol abstraction (to both directions)
    - Adding support for multiple connections to support distributed
      server in the future should be possible without excessive recoding
  + version number information exchanging
    - must be prepared for auto update functionality (which will be
      implemented in later milestones?)
 Milestone 6
  + Better login 
  + persistent world ie objects save themselves
  + Initial player database

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