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Date: Mon Jul 05 1999 - 17:54:10 EEST

On Mon, 5 Jul 1999, McDuff wrote:

> Hmm.  Possibly rather than a separate tribe, the common elves should just be
> made up of members of all the different races who have moved out of their
> home regions.  Or, don't call them "common elves," I don't think the name
> works.  Give them a name like "The Kumerra" or some exotic name like that.
> Right, the status idea is a good one, but please don't use "status 1, status
> 3" when you finally write it up :))  It sounds like a programmer trying to
> get his head around it.

Of course i do not intend to name them common elves, or any other "XXXX
elves" each tribe will have unique names and all that. Also that status
with numbers was only there to make it easier to understand.

>  Normally, in societies, there is no need for
> "Status levels," 

hmm.. what do you mean. every single scociety has status levels. Just like
our modern 21st :) century earth human society. We have actors,
moviestars, media people, celebrities, mayors, governors, senators,
parliament members, ministers, presidents and such.. even big copporate
heads like the chairman of nokia mobile phones have status. Think of Bill
Clinton having status 7, Bill Gates having atleast 5, and Bruce Willis
having 4 or something :).. people react better towards those with better
status, they are more eager to help them, and do things for them. If Bruce
Willis would come to me in the street and would ask me to watch his car
while he takes some money from ATM.. id prolly do it. if it were a normal
person i would not :).. then again if it would be Bill Gates id prolly
kick his ass ;).. 

Medival scociety also had the same status levels.. land lords, lesser and
greater lords.. the nobilty, barons, counts, dukes, princes, kings,
emperors, popes, priests, cardinals, bishops, archbishops.. etc..etc..
status levels are one basic thing of all societies.

Elves have both.. the normal medival status PLUS the status coming from
their birth-tribe.. wood elven king is higher in status than a regular
fair elf.. but a fair elven king is higher than wood elven king.

> Dark Elves should really not be "pure."  Noble is fine, but they can't be
> pure, it doesn't fit.

They look like fair elves and have their advantages. But arent very pure,
> This is more work for my astronomical system work out - probably going to be
> less than once a month, maybe once a year, unless you want to make the
> criteria a bit lax, or have it only respond to one moon.  If you have 2
> moons of elliptical orbits and different periods, they are only really going
> to be in a set position relating to each other once a year, or two years, or
> something like that.

Less than once a month makes it a bit hard for a player moon elf to move
from his home to the world.. specially if his starting location is going
to be this city in the clouds =)..  but what ever..
> Again, good place to put in the "glamour" field of Pratchettian elves, as
> well as the separation from the normal world - the "over there" position of
> their world etc etc.

Yep i thought that with moon elves.. something like their cloud city could
exists in reality in other dimension.. or even another planet, or some of
the moons of majik.. 
> Did you think about Elves being affected by iron?  I think that this would
> be a cool trait, although you might want to limit it to the higher elven
> tribes, say that it gets watered down throughout the generations or
> something - "common" elves would be at a disadvantage.  The artisans could
> smith wierd metals found in elven mountains, make knives out of stone (In
> the mountains of solace - got some notes on this already), or enchant
> gold/silver to make it stronger than steel, as well as looking nicer.

Harmful iron typically comes with faeries.. little sprites and alike..
hmm.. but it could be one handy disadvantage to balance the tribes.. the
more higher tribe the more iron hurts.. Common elves or wood elves would
not suffer from it much, but fair elves would fear iron.

> I'm also not sure about Elven weapons being the best - Dwarf weapons are
> _always_ the best, because Dwarves are so bloody-minded about everything
> that they can't handle being second to an elf.

I dont recall saying that they are the best =P.. if i did sorry. They are
good however, a few centuries old hugely skilled alchemist-smith can make
quite good swords. And dwarfs dont use that much magic as their aid?.. or
do they.

> Which reminds me - how do the races interact with one another?  Do Dwarves
> get along well with Elves?  How about Trolls getting along with Elves?
> Humans we've got, and I'm assuming that Orcs don't get along with anyone!

better to think this through when most of the races are ready to go.
Otherwise too much change in the info.
> Heh heh - been there (although that was just the medication ... . . . .. .
> .)!  :)))

Noticed quite a few typoes in there =P.. not good.


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