Re: where the kids have seen things that we ain't never seen

Subject: Re: where the kids have seen things that we ain't never seen
From: McDuff (
Date: Sun Jul 04 1999 - 15:34:25 EEST

>It is hard to divide the world to small fractions and do them individually,
>they need to be consistent and have relations. The "Regions of Majik IN
>SHORT" was only a task to set up guidelines for the fractions so then
>people who are doing the pieces, would then know how to glue it well
>with other regions around.
>The weather goes much like a companion to the "regions in short". Both are
>needed before doing the actual regions.

OK.  Well, since me and Beregar are creating a type of working relationship,
I'm going to offer that, between the two of us, we get the regions IN SHORT
and the weather descs done.  If Beregar agrees, then we will probably be
able to get a fair amount done.  What might help a bit is if we could just
get the places where the species in Majik originated from: Trolls and Elves,
that is.  We can guess, but it might help.  Beregar has given me a map with
some of the race locations on it, which places the Elves in Sol'daran with a
question mark beside it, and I know from Yorkaturr that the Dwarves come
from the Chain of the Sledgehammer.  Of course, if there are different elves
(dark elves, sea elves, light elves, etc etc) then we'll need to spread
those out as well.  We'll have to decide which bits of the world have
enchanted weather, etc etc.

Beregar?  What do you think?


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