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Subject: Re: Inventory system
From: Atte Koivula (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 10:58:58 EET

> > Gate. Now, my suggestion is an evolved version of these inventory
> > systems. The first major change is that there are no inventory slots,
> > ie. empty slots in which you can carry items that are not really placed
> > anywhere. In this system a pouch of herbs takes as much space as a long
> > spear etc, you know the drill. Instead, in Majik we have containers
> > (box, sword sheath, quiver, backpack, sack) that are placed around the
> > character's body in which all stuff is placed. Some container's can't be
> > placed on the character's body but can only be carried in a person's
> > hand.
> We decided this over a year ago.

I know we decided this, damnit fuckshitcuntfuck )&%()/&#(/&"%/&&/!!! I
was just clarifying the system as not everyone has a clear idea of our
system. And it is easier to refer to the document itself than seeing our
features page.

> > Please comment on this.
> It sounds OK just as long as the flashiness/chrome aspect (a la rotatable 3d
> objects) doesn't get the upper hand of usability.

Actually the rotatable 3d object is there ONLY for usability's sake. I
can name a number of reasons why:

- There is no need to do any extra work for the inventory system,
meaning drawing 2d pictures of chars etc, all it takes is the code to
display the 3d model.
- Rotatability means easy access to containers on all sides of your
character. How will you access a belt pouch, a backpack or a quiver
unless you can rotate the char?
- It is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). The char you see on your
inventory looks exactly the same as the char you are playing, which
means you can handle the way you look very accurately without any error
- A point & click user interface is generally very easy and intuitive to
use, the learning curve is not as steep and it is much more "sexy" for
those people who like a certain amount of "chrome".
> But OTOH if my memory serves the inventory system in Ultima VII was a PAIN.

I think it rocked.

> The Majikian inventory system need not be all-graphical: the contents of a
> container could be shown in a simple list which contains the names of the
> items within, and perhaps a tiny (static) picture of the item next to the
> name. This way the silly and unpractical graphical representation could be
> avoided.

It is in no way silly or unpractical.
> .-------------------------------------.
> |a two-thirds full leather backpack   |
> +-------------------------------------+
> |<pic> a necrolytekiller's bone sword |
> |<pic> 3 slices of elvish Melba toast |
> |<pic> a moldy spoon-fork             |
> `-------------------------------------'

This is not really coherent with a graphical 3d system, it looks very
silly in fact. How will you place all your elvish Melba toast in the
left side of your backpack and a moldy spoon-fork on the right side if
you can't control it? I think this is necessary for roleplayabilitys
/Atte "Yorkaturr" Koivula <>

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