new graphic designer and status report

Subject: new graphic designer and status report
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 08:42:38 EEST

McDuff (Philip Roberts) is accepted as a new graphic designer for the
project. He is ready to do 2D graphic design using Photoshop and 3D
graphics using 3D Studio Max.

This week's status report is skipped because no-one sent me their
reports last Tuesday. For McDuff too, we are using status report system,
every tuesday you are supposed to send me a sparse status report saying
"I did this and that, but not yet this because it still needs that.",
if you're busy and don't have time for Majik right now then send me a
mail saying that and we will not force you to continue your current
project. If you don't send a status report (you can send a report even
if you didn't do anything) before Wednesday morning your project will
be added a "no progress 1x" thing, and when 4th no progress appears,
that is in a month of no reports sent, your project will be taken over
by someone else, if no-one else takes it, then you can continue it
again when you have time. That is because otherwise we would do the
same mistake as with earlier Majiks, one could have a project for years,
say that yes yes he is going to do it when he actually does nothing.
Others could take it over and do it in a day, but still the one doing
the project would want to do it,... someday. That quite sucks.

We'll think you some nice little project. Hmm. This: !

Do a 3D humanoid model using 3D studio and save it as jpeg from some
nice angle. Do it using exactly as it is described in dynamic_objects.txt,
I mean ignore all the text below the ASCII 3D humanoid and just do a
3D object of it, just add boxes over boxes, except these boxes can of
course be some "pipe"'s, or whatever 3D studio has and head can be a
sphere instead of a box, but it should have all those body parts just in
that order and nothing else. It is a test whether such a model works
or not. This is something you can do in less than a hour so don't waste
your time trying to do it look good. Code will generate such an object
later on anyways and it doesn't waste time either. Have fun, McDuff!

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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