Re: Sky in cvs

Subject: Re: Sky in cvs
From: Mikkonen Jani (
Date: Thu Nov 18 1999 - 12:44:00 EET

Jonathan Koehn (Eleril)
>I think random will be best unless someone already has ideas of different

Well, I had some ideas: Wanderer, that's some comet passing the world randomly.
Couple of stars: bright blue star Dagger, red star(s) of goblet, Tangir, the
giant white, Sabre, constellation of four stars etc. We could also use
constellations which reflect the Ancient Forms of sages, i.e. constellation of
the Deer, which is my ancient form (not confirmed yet) etc. This can be made
with those random constellations and we just choose there those stars which are
needed to form constellation.

- Brethel - that's Brethel, not Belemar or Bethel :)

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