Re: World views (Was: Between darkness and light)

Subject: Re: World views (Was: Between darkness and light)
From: McDuff (
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 15:47:23 EEST

- Namhas
* Aluna
^ McDuff

>Do the both continents reach all the way either to the north or to the
> - No
> * No comment.
  ^ I thought, looking at the map that it seemed to get more equatorial as
it got south, so it would not be unwise to think of it as being about 1/4 of
a globe, however.....

>Is Majik a globe
>  - I think it is
>  * I find this question meaningless, but even so, I would prefer some
>    shape than globe. A flat disk-like world would be better in my
>    If we ever need more space, there could be more
>    disks floating around and the players may find portals / learn magic
>    to these other disks. .. and before you start talking about oceans
>    and why they don't run dry... the god of rain collects all the water
>    which flows over the edge and lets it rain back to the disk. The lower
>    side of the disk could be the world of the dead, the world of the
>    upsidedowners or just uninhabited. .. or Maybe the world is a cube >:)
>    It would offer possibility for five extra maps if we run out of space.
>    Or maybe the world of Majik is a triangle.. or a mass of slowly
>    flesh of Namhas' pet Ferrogulom? The shape is meaningless, but we just
>    need to know it. Old globe would be boring, so please do not choose
>    shape.

^  ....I have been guilty of the "normal physics" crime.  I have to say, I
like the idea of Majik as a cube, rather than a globe.  The disc has been
done, it's used.

>Does majik rotate like earth?
> - Why should majik rotate? Though, sun rotates around majik be
>   cause of balance between Sinister and Aluna.
> * Rotation is not necessary. Sun goes up and down and gives light and
>   to the areas it shines on. Occasionally Aluna, who lives in the sun,
>   too curious about some place that she brings her home closer to that
>   for a better look. This can mean drought in that area and cold weather
in other
>   areas. As you can see, imho there is no need for any realistic models.
>   and Gods exist and the laws of physics are their toys.

^ Excellent!  Although I do still like the one year rotation
>--Beregar wrote--
>I asked these questions because I'm making weather descs and it would be
>nice to make them realistic (well, as realistic as I can make with my
meager knowledge of weather).
>Those were just part of the questions which I was going to ask but then
>I got a idea which I presented to Namhas. It's nothing unique but I sug
>gested that instead of normal days and seasons, we could have one large
>"day". Because sun would circle majik once in a year, this would mean we
>had about 6 month darkness in whole majik and 6 month light (well not ac
>tually, since there would be completely dark only in midwinter and vise
>versa) which would mean 2rl months darkness and 2rl months daylight. (re
>member 1 rl month is 3 months in majik..if I just remembered right by
>myself :P ).
>--Aluna wrote--
>* I don't like that 6 months / 6 months division. One problem is, as others
>have pointed out, temperature. The other is, that the species with dark
>vision would gain enormous advantage from their vision and the species
>without dark vision would either be repressed or extinct very soon.
>(And if all species see in the dark, whole illumination loses meaning.)
>* Option: The period of darkness should be considerably shorter than
>the period of light. It might work and give the evil / dark loving
>races their chance to dominate the world. Maybe like this:
>1 month of night, 5 months of day and night, 1 month of day, 5 months of
day and night

^ Which is where my idea of multiple suns/moons would come in.  Why not have
one year every 10 which is completely dark, and another year every 10 which
is completely light, and have various eclipses and things alter the lengths
of seasons, etc etc.  As long as we keep the balance more or less light
(although, if you think about it, normal system is more or less 50:50 split
anyway and people don't see a problem with it tipping into dark-sighted
species favour) then it will work out well.
>--Beregar wrote--
>I think it would be cool to have those dark periods. Mages could create
>artificial suns to light towns. It could be also time when evil creatures
>walk around the Majik and people stay inside their cities shuddering in
>This also would somewhat ease my weather work and as far as I know there
>is no such system in any other game, right? So give me your opinion about
>this subject.

^ already have - several times :))))

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