Majik3d starting out

Subject: Majik3d starting out
From: Jonathan Koehn (Eleril) (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 17:44:03 EET

Will majik3d start out with a few important cities for each race then?
And a few npc guards guarding each city at the start.? These guards attacking players with anything but
money or safe object in their hand.
Later on the city mayor/council/leader could higher players to guard the city.
And if a group of players were found to be grouping up and attacking or something. The other players in the game might like to start a war or fight them or something.
And as for players not living in there intended region for their race. Some may want to move and settle
new lands. But there should be benefits of staying in your home region, and/or there should be disadvantages of living in another region. For example buying land in other regions to build a home would be more exspensive then your own. Also for one thing if we do have different languages. Most people will stay in their own area probably till they learn a different language and by then they will probably have got accustom to their homeland.
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