im leaving town

Subject: im leaving town
From: joshua 'azlok corning (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 12:13:11 EEST

For the next 12 days im going hunting for fuzzy animals with high
powered guns in Montana with my father. Anyway i will be without
internet access and won't be reachable. Anyway i get back on the 30th. 

I have also posted the latest of most of what im working on at this

Notes on what is there.
-I have updated Nalor Thaan and a little on the Hilosyph descs.
-I have redone the Nalor Thaan map Im making all my map closeups at 10X
magnification of the Kartta.png that can be found here I also propose this to be the standard.

	I have done some editing of your Brahjian desc but have not completed
it. I have only gotten up to about 2.1 clothing. look it over and see if
you still want me to edit it. It can be found at the first above
mentioned location.

- I have also put up my latest desc for goblins I don't know if anything
has changed since i last updated, but check it out anyway.

Joshua 'Azlok' Corning

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