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Subject: Re: magic and magical arts
From: Ari Miettinen (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 17:18:38 EEST

>On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Ari Miettinen wrote:
>> This would mean that since the world of Majik is a round one,
>> Eternal Night spell would in fact be Stop the Sun so, that it 
>> won't rise at this location again. Ie: It would shine at the other
>> side of the ball eternally or until someone makes it move again
>> and would not shine on the casting side. .. not good for either side
>> in the long run. .. in fact, it sounds so big thingy that i am afraid
>> that we are pretty much unable to simulate it. (drought on one side,
>> freezing on the other side..)
>Why do you have to make it so hard. Magic is manipulation of reality and
>that reality includes a thing called space. A powerful wizard knows how to
>manipulate patterns that create the illusion of space, he can co-exit in
>various locations at the same time, he can see far beyond hisnormal
>senses, he can even "look at" 10 diffrenet locations at the same time, or
>he can pretty much teleport where ever he wants to. Or he can change the
>measurements of space, make a 10 foot tall tree a 100 foot tall tree. 
>he could also cast that eternal night spell in such a way that it would
>simply re-route all sunlight to otherside of the globe. Just make a huge
>space-wide gate that re-routes sunlight elsewhere. Or he could even wrap
>the planet of majik inside a space-bubble and cause all light to go around
I stand corrected: Eternal night could work like that too. There are
many ways to create similar effects. Some of those many ways could even
avoid nasty repercussions like eternal winter as a side effect of eternal night.
This can be generalized to all magic.

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