Re: Resigning.

Subject: Re: Resigning.
From: Jerry 'Sinister' Kurunen (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 13:21:18 EEST


> Thanks for informing and not just leaving without saying good-byes.

Just not my way to leave without saying something >;].

> You can unsubscribe mailing lists by mailing message message to:

> I still think you should keep the announce open,
> and also, you will keep your place as greater god.

Ok. I will not unsubscribe announce since I am still interested what
will happen in the world of Majik and how it will develop, but I just do
not have time for any desining etc. stuff. Maybe I will be back some day
and hopefully I have time and interest to do the priests cult (and other
guilds) I had ideas for. In the mean time, I will be "idle".
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