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> joshua 'hook' corning wrote:
> > You know my opinion. :)
> Yes, I know your opinion and it's not that bad. :)
> > Most is religious little is sybolic. The maguc that is symbolic is
> > inaccesable to pcs. Im am puting symbolic magic use in nalor thaan that
> > the Hilosyph use BUT only those that are at least 100 - 200 years old
> > have access to it. The only thing players can get are mabey healed or to
> > buy magic non offencive items like glowing balls that light up rooms and
> > shit. These are also very expensive.
> Should symbolic magic exist in the culture, it should be available for
> players too. Remember, no artificial restrictions, please! Yours is a
> good one, but it might be so that some players end up being over
> 100+ years old Hilosyph in which case I think it's only fair that they
> learn magic. :)
> > no I think if a spell caster knows a spell he/she can cast it as many
> > times as they want the limiting factors should be the time it takes to
> > cast a spell and rarety of the spell componants. Like lets say a spell
> > caster wants to cast a fireball type spell we he can do most of the
> > spell but leave the last componant out so when he runs into monsters he
> > just releases it. if he wants to cast it again he must redue the entire
> > spell which could take time say 1 minute to 10 minuts. That way a spell
> > caster could have several spells ready but once he runs out in a fight
> > he must go through the entire spell again. which takes time.
> Hmm, I have to somewhat disagree. In my magic suggestion spells gain
> their power by altering the magical energy. If you remember I suggested
> system where everything is formed from the magic - rocks, plants, living
> beings etc. Magic in its normal form is energy and when spellcaster casts
> a spell (symbolic magic user) he taps this energy from the surrounding
> nature, from a component (or from himself?) by changing something to
> something else.
I like this idea.

> If we will use this system. I suggest that component spellcasting is
> fastest for it is obvious that source of power is those components.
> Component magic would also be mostly one way magic and have
> only lesser spells since components can't contain much "magic"
> and therefor can't upkeep spells or act as a source of greater spells.
> If caster drains power from the nature it would be nice if there was
> some "free magic" limit in the area. Some areas might have more
> abundant amount of magical energy and others might lack it almost
> completelly. Node areas would be an excellent source of free magic
> and mages would fight to gain control over them. This also would
> give nice purpose to my Vorack who would guard forest nodes. :)

> Spellcasting time in this case should be dependant on amount of
> magical energy in the area.Places which have abundant amount of
> energy (= Magic) would make spellcasting quicker and vice versa.
> This also adds limit to continual spells which would envetually run
> out of power. So for example if you would like to cast a eternal
> night spell which would have huge casting cost and upkeep, you
> would have to be in a node area. (Anyone noticed that this is quite
> ripoff from MoM?:)
> I also suggest that nodes replenish mana in the world. The further
> the area from nodes, the slower it replenishes energy.
This adds the element of spells being quicker in some spots thus the battle
can differ some places better for mages to fight and some better for

> Last source of spellenergy might be the caster itself. It is obvious
> that there should be limits in here too. I think this might be faster
> way to cast spells than previous draining system, but slower than
> component system. Spellcaster could upkeep spells longer than
> components but shorter time than in draining system (though that
> is dependant on area). If spellcasters does not cancel a spell or is
> unable to cancel it, he/she/it would envetually die.
Maybe instead of die they become helpless they cant move or at least very
then they must seek a priest or someone who can return some of their body
magic(body magic could be represented as spirit or something like that). Or
they must seek a node so that it may revitalize them.
> > no i think they should have to experiment. sometimes these spells go
> > wrong and can actually kill the spell caster or mabey turn him or a
> > nearby freind into a frog or something. It would be nice if misscast
> > spells where a random event so that lets say a majician is trying to
> > cast a fire ball but puts it in the wrong order. So he turns into a frog
> > for three days. afterwards he trys the same mistaken order to escape
> > into a lake from some orcs. well this time his cloths turn into wood and
> > he is traped in his cloths for the orcs to chop down.
> Yup, though in my system, depending on magic source, he would spend
> either quite short time as a frog (component), probably rest of his life
> a frog (draining), die out (frog form keeps draining his personal reserves
> until he rips).
> > Not years we would have no spell casters out there. as to rearity yes
> > symbolic magic should be rare as well as inaccesable to players. if a
> > player wants magic he must go and get it from some ruin somewhere and
> > fight off traps and monsters to get it. Or do something stupid like
> > steeling it from a mage or he can try to learn it in libraries but the
> > texts are either incomplete of they are juat plain wrong and dangerouse.
> > also he should have to travel for these texts like part of a text is in
> > Torell navel library the other in Thome library in Nalor Thane the other
> > side of the world. and unknown to the player but the symbols coponants
> > etc are written in a different languge that write it backwards and on
> > and on and on. There are plenty of novel ways of keeping magic from
> > players. Rarety, which i think it should be, is not the only way. One
> > tried and true way for players to learn magic is for another player to
> > teach them.
> This is exactly what I meant. Information should be available but it
> be very difficult to obtain. Also, If there are npc mages they too, might
> sometimes teach players. Who knows...
Id like if it where players or sages or gods or demigods. But that a task
might be required.
Such as finding something or bringing knowledge to them of something say a
battle or of the size of a current wolf pack he was looking after. Or of
book knowledge. Then in return he would show them how to correctly create
the spell.
> - Beregar (

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