gimme an area

Subject: gimme an area
From: Matti Vanhanen (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 12:26:07 EEST

  i have designed a race called Glarroks. And now, when you people have
designed the worldmap, know better of the area than before. I need a
location where to plot my precious glarroks. the design-team has already
viewed the race before, and only question was about it being a NPC or PC

  in a nutshell, glarroks are a biological wonder, forming all tools from
themselves, using living beings as machines of war, and the nastiest thing
of all, they have adapted themselves to underwater environment. 

  So, I need a region from a temperate deep ocean for the race. It would
be really nice if you would plot me one. =)

   - Glabrezu

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