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Subject: Re: region
From: Atte Koivula (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 08:45:00 EEST

> Id like to begin work on Swamp of enimity region
> designing wildlife for this region and a few monsters no 
> races.

I\'d suggest that you pick another swamp, as the Swamp of 
Enmity is completely devoid of most natural wildlife (only
small insects ... and some very unnatural creatures). The
reason for this is because my quite impressive Temple of the 
Undead (one of the most dire places in all of Majik) is 
located at the center. Sometimes my undead servants are 
known to wander off into the swamps, killing, infecting and 
corrupting everything in their directionless path. And 
sometimes this is even desired if some poor mortal soul is 
foolish enough to disturb the swamp\'s perverse 
tranquility by setting foot into its murky, unholy grounds. 
And my earthly avatar usually chooses to reside in the 
temple\'s catacombs, so I suggest you stick with something 
a little more... conventional.

/Atte \"Yorkaturr\" Koivula <>
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