"trees distance"

Subject: "trees distance"
From: McDuff (mcduff@iname.com)
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 18:25:22 EEST

attached are images of the first trial run of a forest sim to test some

To let you know what's going on a bit:

in trees1 the forest is merely modelled as trees;

in trees2, a simple "distance" cylinder with trees mapped onto it has been
used, and the sky texture changed, to simulate deeper forest;

in treewire2, a top down view shows the "distance" cylinder in red, and a
geosphere in wireframe to show where the boundary of the client's renderer
would be.  Of course, in the full version both the distance and the sky
would be wider objects, and Harum said that there would be more levels of
detail in between the trees and the distance.

Also included is the horizontally tiling texture I used on the distance
object.  It is quite lo-rez, as it is intended for eventual use further away
than I used it here.

For those who want to know, the trees are only modelled using 2 objects.
Adding some random noise to the surface of a sphere and a cylinder creates
quite a nice effect, mais non?  :)

comments please.


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