Re: Waj-cloth

Subject: Re: Waj-cloth
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Mon Sep 27 1999 - 14:42:07 EEST

Ari Miettinen wrote:

> Waj-cloth is made from spider silk, correct. It might be nice to have waj-cloth
> armour, but I disagree in waj giving protection against piercing. For example:
> Kevlar can be penetrated with arrows, but kevlar does protect against
> crushing force of a bullet. Waj-cloth could protect against slashes (and
> maybe even pierces/stabs) if that is not found to be too unbalancing.
> (Though not many has spoken for 'Balanced Majik', imho, Majik should
> be balanced, otherwise the few min-maxers who WILL come to play, will
> rule the world with their min-maxed characters)

I guess game balance depends on how rare the stuff is and how expensive
if you make it armour. Which is all up to you, you are designing it. I
do need to know though the ruling race of Nalor thaan will probably wear
and buy it either way they need a light weight silk like material to
protect them from the sun. They have very pale skin and are sensitive to

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