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Subject: Re: designing a race
From: joshua (
Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 01:06:29 EEST

Jonathan Koehn wrote:
> I would like to design Dethzael with this race if this is
> ok. Unless this region has been choosen already.
> This is just my starting ideas ive got a ways to go.
> Location: Skyghaim | Region: Dethzael
> Race:(Dwelvens) or (Dwarvens) a race that is descendant
> from elven and dwarf.
>   They are known to be a magical race. Their
> ancestors chose this place for its 4 elements
> the sea=water element, the artic= ice element, the
> praire=fire element and Skyghaim= earth element.
> Their town of Grimryn is set by the Lake of the 4 Elements.
> Which has streams flowing to or from 3 elements. And the four
> is the land which the town was built upon.

Before you start be sure to get permission. New races seem to be a
touchy spot with a lot of the designers and developers. If you get
Namhas's Yorkaturr's Beregar's Harum's and Mandor's permission i think
you will be ok or at least a majority of their permission. They seem to
be the most active and are in my opinion the lead people. I am ok with
your race desc but im just a new guy like you and I have stuck to humans
which no one seems to care about. :)

Ok, You should probably get information and permission from Yorkaturr
who designed dwarfs and from Mandor who designed elves. I think you
should come up with a different name though i mean dwarves and elves
aren't even called dwarfs and elves. Be sure to read the descs for elves
and dwarves on the mail list. Also read the Torell desc they will be
neighbors and its important to keep things integrated. There are also
trolls just north of Dethzael so you should read up on them as well.

Personally i saw the eastern part of the continent of Minartan as fairly
unpopulated so try to keep the population low leave lots of wild places
in Dethzeal. This is just a suggestion though. If everyone agrees on
having your race then its yours to design.

Below i am putting the basic format in which races and regions should be
described as. If you have a problem or need help or just want someone
else to do some of the work for you i will be happy to fill that spot.
Basically Beregar does this i think but he is busy with school (i hope
you don't mind Beregar :) ) well here is the basic format

Region desc format   

<region name>

        1. Description
        2. Climate
        3. Flora
        4  Fauna
        5. History
        6. Geography
        7. Cities/Landmarks

PC race desc format

<Race name>

	1. Introduction
        2. Appearance
        3. History
        4. Culture
        5. Religion
        6. Language
        7. <homeland>
        8. Role-playing

Be sure to look at other more complete race/region desc's to get an idea
in what should be put under each of the headings. One more thing use
metric system I posted a conversion table if you have a problem with


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