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Subject: priests in majik
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 14:26:14 EEST

My vision about priests in Majik:

  There is no "priests" or "clerics" like in other roleplaying games. It is
  not a character class as there isn't anyway any character classes at all.
  One can fight and be a mage at same time without actual penalties and so
  one can be a fighter and at same time magically heal his wounds. The priests
  in Majik are not however only healers. They may be almost anything. Even
  the most lowly peasants can pray for their gods and most fervent ones of
  those can receive special powers and thus heal or kill people using the
  powers of their god. 

  The picture is simple, a mortal sacrifices stuff for the god, the god
  receives divine points and becomes stronger and when the god is stronger
  it can do more things. It can then grand more powers or make more havoc.
  The mortal can also get divine points for his god by another means too. He
  can for example try to attain more followers or by doing quests for the
  god. The point here is to get the god more powerful and at the same time
  hoping to gain the god's favor. When the god actually notices that the
  actually mortal is doing something he might then answer to the mortal's
  prayers if they are not demanding too much of the god's powers and when
  the god sees the mortal a very valuable mortal indeed the god can grand
  special powers that are appropriate for the god's motives. A god who likes
  people dying can give the mortal a special power to unleash a powerful
  bolt to kill people as many times he wants to, except that every time the
  mortal uses the special ability it drains the god's power and so if the
  mortal uses the power too much or if the mortal uses the power for not
  appropriate reasons the god can get angry and even kill the mortal.

  If the god haves a religion then these levels of power are pre-defined,
  but however, the god usually is the who dedices the mortal's advancement,
  or if the religion is just too large for the god's to handle, he may
  have given his arch bishop or similar powers to advance people to new
  ranks without even asking permission. But again if the god comes to know
  that his powers are abused, you guess it.

  To distinguish the priest as a dedicated profession or character class
  the god may not see it appropriate for the priest to do mundane things
  like being a powerful fighter (if the god doesn't care about fighting)
  or researching magic and similar things, the god may ask the mortal to
  end those before he can attain any or more special powers and this is
  quite usual. So it is not likely to see a high priest partying with
  other mortals and killing dragons. The high priest usually comes out 
  of his deity's temple to convert people to his religion or to do some
  quest. This dedicating restriction is also true for those who worship
  more than one god. The gods are very jealous of their territory and
  if they see that their followers are worshipping some another god,
  they can become angry for those without second thought. There is, of
  course, an exception if those gods are friends to each other and
  shares similar motives.

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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