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I'm posting this because i already lost a copy i had written of this
when i reinstalled linux on my computer.  Apparently the ext2 file
system of my back up floppy got fouled. Anyway feel free to make
comments, suggestions, criticisms of it.

One more thing i noticed up on the ftp site a map of Majik called
Is Karrta the new name of the Majik world?


Nalor Thaan

 1. Description
 2. Climate
 3. Flora
 4  Fauna
 5. History
 6. Geography
    6.1 Paraj Mountains
    6.2 Pyrsmute
    6.3 Lake Khalildan
    6.4 Manicore River
    6.5 Anorj River
    6.6 Thjarr
    6.7 Tulmarun
    6.8 Mantle Mountains
 7. Cities/Landmarks
    7.1 Thome - City
    7.2 Hashaat - City
    7.3 Arguut Shan -Plantaion/mine
    7.4 Eciir -
    7.5 Chiinoma
    7.6 Jarrkow
    7.7 Dyrmirr
    7.8 Tugidak
    7.9 Tenatchee
    7.10 Akurax
    7.11 Kilskaj
    7.12 Rai Molbane
    7.13 Photi
    7.14 Flajixsaf
    7.15 Bajan Urt
    7.16 Kelfainon
    7.17 Alatna
    7.18 Roads
 8. people
    8.1 Hilosyph
    8.2 Bronn
    8.3 Fik'bronn


 Nalor Thaan is a kingdom located on the southern end of the continent
Voran. To the north of it are the black wastes of Tulmarun and to the
south are the badlands of Thjarr. The western coast is lapped by the
waves of the Ominous ocean. In these waters, just off the coast, are
several islands that are considered by the inhabitance property of Nalor
Thaan. To the east and south east are the waters of the Pyrsmute gulf
and the sea of tailwind.  In the waters just south east of nalor Thaan
in the sea of the tailwind are four islands also considered part of
Nalor Thaan.  The Main land is divided by the high range of the Paraj
Mountains which at their highest altitudes stay snow covered year round.
In the center of Nalor Thaan just on the western side of the paraj
mountains is Lake Khalildan which feeds the great Manicore river and the
Anorj river flow to the Ominous ocean.
 Most of the kingdom is covered in subtropical forests. The forest trees
are old growth desidous, are generally undisterbed by the human
inhabitance and support a large array of wildlife. To the north and
south along the Tulmarun and Thjarr borders are grassy plains. There are
two seasons in Nalor Thaan wet and dry which are called the Tanadak
(wet) and Amukta (dry) seasons. Late in the Amukta (dry) season many of
the trees leaves turn colors and are shed but in early Tanadak (wet
season) they quickly flower, bud and regrow leaves.
 Nalor Thaan was once a province of the great Hilosyph empire centered
in Tulmarun befor it was desimated by Harum one thousand years ago.  The
empire encumpased all of Voran and most of western Eldiron. Nalor Thaan
is all that remains of that empire and is ruled by its surviving
decendants the Hilosyph. The Hilosyph are humans some of whom do not age
and they control all of Nalor Thaan through slavery and force. They
however are not the only inhabitace of Nalor Thaan; The Bronn, who are
slaves of the Hilosyph, make up the bulk of the population and the
Fik'bronn who are allowed their freedom and live in the cities as
traders and craftsmen. Thome the largest city of Nalor Thaan is a
sprawling metropolise and is one of the largest cities in all of Majik.
It is a trecherous city plagued with thieves and assasins where the
Hilosyph lets anarchy raighn while they rule protected in their walled
towers. It is located on the western shores of The Pyrsmute gulf.
Traveling for forigners on the roads and trails of Nalor Thaan is
illegial and dangerous for they are patrolled by the Hilosyph Sentinal
Knights and plaged with marading Ugat goblins.


 The climate of Nalor Thaan is subtropical. There are two seasons; the
Amukta which is the dry season and starts in mid spring and lasts till
mid fall and the Tanadak which is the wet season and starts in mid fall
and ends in mid spring. Durring the Amukta (dry season0 the skys are
clear becomes more hot and humid then in the Tanadak. The tempratures
range between 20 and 30 degrees celcius. The plant life stays green
through most of the Amukta (dry season) being watered with melting snow
from the Pajar mountains and speratic rains. In late Amukta most of the
snow has melted and many of the trees shed their leaves





 6.1 Paraj Mountains

 6.2 Pyrsmute

 6.3 Lake Khalildan

 6.4 Manicore River

 6.5 Anorj River

 6.6 Thjarr



Hilosyph -Humans

        1. Introduction
        2. Appearance
        3. History
        4. Culture
        5. Religion
        6. Language
        7. Nalor Thaan
        8. Role-playing


5. Religion

 Orajimat, Ograjidon


Bronn -Humans

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