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Subject: regions/races to desc
From: hook (
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 02:20:01 EEST

	I have updated the regions/races to desc text. I hope you don't mind
Beregar :)  . anyway i would like to mention that I have split up Valiar
and Areon on the continent of Eldiron. I have also adapted a number
system for how complete each region/race desc is. Example "Althainon (
human tribe Althainions 0.9 - Joshua_hook)" the 0.9 states that i am
near completion of Althianon 1.0 would be considered complete. I don't
know if others want to adapt this system but i will be using it for my
descs for now on.  I have also taken on the region/race desc for Nalor
Thaan I hope this is all right. I plan on taking the Areon region/race
desc but have not reserved it yet and won't until i am done with Nalor
Thaan. If anyone wants to do do it they are welcome to but i recommend
you read the Althainion desc first because they share ancestral lineage
with the Areons other then that you are welcome to make the Areons
anyway you like.

I understand that the black waste just north of Nalor thaan was created
by Herum. I would like to know the history of it creation so i can write
a complete history of Nalor Thaan.

P.S. Could you guys please refer to me as Joshua and not hook. I choose
that name a long time ago when i first got an e-mail account and had no
intention of keeping it but apparently the University of Washington
doesn't let students change their e-mail names.

Regions to Desc

r = reserved

- Arctic 
  r Western Mals (Ice Elves - Mandor)
  - Zimr  
  - Mal Tikh 
  - Barren Isles and Northern Minartan 
  r Mal Yirith (Necrolytes - Malekith)
  - Myrrgor, Skalvind & Erythia
  r Mountains of the Malediction (trolls - Jormap)
- Minartan
  - Sol'daran 
  r Western isles (*hidden* - Beregar)
  - Terrenir 
  - Meral & Gwaelmar (Dwarves)
    - Chain of the Sledgehammer
    - Puce Mountains
  - Chain of Eldhelomin 
  - Thalamon 
    - Tacit Forest 
    - Prairie of Dhyrin  
    - Lake Lokhmar 
    - Groaning Forest 
  - Dethzael 
    - Skyghaim
    - Mountains of Eclipse
    - Swamp of Enmity
  - Dardalon
    - Swamp of Pelnor
    - Covewood Mountains 
  - Eastern Minartan Isles
    r Lanuin (Dark Elves - Mandor)
    r Torell - (human tribe Tore'e 0.6 - Joshua_hook)
    - The Reef Isles
    r Beheran, Filas and Hamil (High Elves - Mandor)

- Central Waters 
  - Sea of Tears
  - Quiet Sea (Sea Elves - Mandor)
    - Isles of Vram
    - Nemen
  - Sea of Niral
  - Vestian

- Voran
  - Black Waste
    - Tulmarun
    - Ur Alif (Djasim)
    - Estrean
  - Mantle Mountains
  r Nalor Thaan (human region 0.0 - Joshua_hook)
    r Thjarr
  - Marmundi
  - Ominous Ocean and Sea of Tailwind
    - Gean

- Eldiron
  r Ghalimcar 
    r Desert of Brahjian (Brahjian - Beregar)
    r Chain of Bared
    r Chain of Harand
    r Zamurdi
  - Thasia & Lamarhen
    - Pristine Forest
    - Mountains of Umalin
    - Lamarhen Lakes
      - Azure Lakes
      - Lake of Memories
  - Gwelthor (Catfolk - ?)
  - Valiar 
  - Areon
  r Nin'calaris & Danheir (human tribe - Darshan)
  - Tragothar (Orcs - ?)
    - Waste of Burning Ash
    - Gorr
    - Cawing Mountains
    - Pumice Mountains
  r Althainon ( human tribe Althainions 0.9 - Joshua_hook)
    - Forest of Abborrence
  - Sea of Flames
  - Sea of Tranis
    - Crescent Isles
    r Osthel (Osthelian Pixies - Beregar)
  - Grey Ocean
  - Outer Sea
    - Borak

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