User interface comments

Subject: User interface comments
From: Jari P Saukkonen (jsaukkon@cs.Helsinki.FI)
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 22:08:16 EEST

I read through the comments and picked up the most important points.

First, I'm in favor of moving where the nose points. This is because
controlling your legs and head totally independently isn't that easy. The
game Heavy Gear 2 has such control, and I find it a bit cumbersome to
make accurate movements because you always have to "search" the
forward position to see where you are going (there's a crosshair in HG2
that shows the direction your body is facing). However my system has the
disadvantage, as Talgor pointed out, that moving in one direction while
looking at the other is impossible. Therefor, I suggest a compromise where
you could either toggle 'free look' by holding down a key on the keyboard,
or a key to 'lock' your movement. For example if you are running forward,
you press caps-lock (or something) to 'lock' the direction. The character
will continue running forward (you don't have to press any movement keys
when the movement is locked) while you can look wherever you wish
(assuming your character has a very flexible neck ;). This also makes
traveling easier as one don't have to constantly keep the 'forward' key

Second, about the battle. As was pointed out, some automation would be
nice. We could weave the battle maneuver system into the 'automation', so
you would need only to specify the combat style you wish to use while
fighting. Then the character would fight with the current target as well
as his skills will allow. The maneuvers would then be used by the
automation system to determine character's actions during the battle.

Also, when entering the 'battle' mode the character could wield the weapon
he was last using (provided that he is carrying it). Naturally this would
only apply to close-combat, ranged combat would still need to be done
'manually'. However, we still need some shortcuts for most often used
skills (spells?) and items, for example function keys. 


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