Subject: Althainon
From: Ville V Sinkko (
Date: Sat Aug 21 1999 - 20:24:16 EEST

EEK! I seem to have totally missed your posting about Althainon;
could you post it to me too?

I, having chosen the region (Nin-Calaris) immediately east of 
Althainon for a design task some weeks ago, had extended my planning to 
Althainon too. I had not informed anyone of it because it seemed
like next to nobody else had been showing interest in designing
anything whatsoever.

Anyway, my view of Althainon was, that as a region situated
geographically between two badass-evil-warlike races (orcs and
my in-progress race), it would be ruinous and uninhabited 
because of the crossfire and the constant warfare between the two,
roamed by their war patrols that kill everything the least bit 
suspicious; the folk of Althainon, now extinct, would have been
a magical race in their time, and this would have left a trace
of magical tendencies in the inhabitants of the western parts of
Nin-Calaris - the only subsection of my race to have any magical

As I never claimed Althainon, nor asked for a permission to, I'll 
ditch this scheme, mourning for the waste of the 20 minutes I 
spent on designing it.

But it is still vitally important to interconnect the races and 
cultures of the world. I think it'd be cool if Hook's race and
region somehow incorporated the motive of living between bad and 
worse, which it inevitably will. <G> So, Hook, drop me a line?


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