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Subject: to McDuff (Couldn'reply)
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Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 10:39:21 EEST

I have to send this here because I couldn't reply to McDuff, your e-mail is
no-longer valid? or some problems with mail server? Well, anyway, I think it's
better write this to here so others can read it too.

McDuff wrote:

> Rather than all the coders/designers being "Gods" in the strictly literal
> sense of the word, why not have some people in positions of extreme power.
> "God" is rather restraining, would some people prefer to be, for instance,
> an emperor of a continent?  Kings and Emperors are often considered "Gods"
> anyway, with power of control of people.  There could be "Cult leaders" and
> strong mages, or very influential Key Characters with power above the normal
> PC.  This expands the concept of Lesser Gods a bit beyond the normal
> concept, gives a bit of flexibility.  The "High Priest" of Namhas or
> Yorkaturr would wield a much greater amount of power than the normal PC,
> this would surely elevate him to a "Lesser God" status.  They are also
> responsive to the will of the people.  If people are very upset with an
> Emperor's rule and he has not done enough to guard himself, he can be
> toppled from his throne and replaced.

There are such people, designers, who play role of  Sages. They are immortal
beings wielding a great power but there are some restrictions for them too. What
comes to those cult leaders, well, any mortal can establish a cult if they
choose to do so, but it is questionable if these cults cease to exist for
leading a cult is not that simple. Of course if their cult becames popular they
will have more great power to command and even more so if there really is some
god supporting them (fake cults usually have great power due the nature of

Then again, High priests are leaders of great churches and cults, they wield a
great power because they truly have support of their god. It has been suggested
that for example a high priest of the evil gods could be a demonic being which,
I think, quite much exceeds definition of "mortal" being. Well, I have to admit
that I sort of got to "sidetracks" :) but...

McDuff wrote:

> You might feel that if the coders took these roles as well as deities that
> there would be no more interesting roles for normal players to take.
> However, during the beginning of the world there are unlikely to be players
> vastly experienced enough to take on powerful roles, and of course if a
> powerful player emerges he can set up his own role - the grand vizier to the
> emperor, perhaps, ready to stab him in the ear at the first opportunity or
> take the credit for all his work.  Or maybe a rival Mage to the current
> all-powerful sourcerer, preserving his power for a battle that could shake
> the world.

I don't think that we designers or developers should be able to obtain status of
high priest, cult leader, player race leader or such . Those are meant for
normal players, not for us, because we simply know too much (If you need more
information about sages, let me know and I'll try to explain the idea).Though it
might be possible that designers could lead some monster races.

Anyway, as far as I know, it was supposed to be so that there wouldn't be any
great empires, kingdoms, guilds or such in the beginning of game, though this
might have changed.

Main idea is anyway that mortals do as much as they can. We just teach them so
they can later on became leaders of cults, churches, races and such. Also, as
far as I know, nothing prevents mortal to change for example demon or dragon if
he/she finds very powerful transformation spell and then proclaim him/herself as
a god and establish a cult which worships him/herself.

McDuff wrote:

> You might wonder why I say this?  Well, I have had a character on doc for a
> long time, a dwarven blacksmith with unusual experience.  This character is
> not a God, but he would certainly be unfair on a quest with a group of
> normal people.  I'm not saying any more - he hasn't been re-written for
> Majik yet.

Well, I certainly do not wonder. Your blacksmith might be sage who just lives in
some city and observes people there without them knowing it. I said that sages
and such should not be leaders and that's true, but nothing prevents sages, gods
and such from roleplaying.

- Beregar (

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