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Subject: RE: Majik 3D predecessors
From: Otso Makinen (
Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 17:00:55 EEST

This idea definitely has my vote.

- Harum

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> Subject: Majik 3D predecessors
> How about making Majik 3, Majik 4 and all other suitable source code
> except of course Majik 3D's server Open Source and upload them to all
> major software distributions, let the downloaders to do whatever they
> wish with the software. This would give Majik some name and publicy
> and make it possible for users to create Majik clones and thus make
> the concept and name more widely known and make they see Majik 3D as
> a real superior project. I would really love to see someone taking
> Majik 4's source code, improve it and possibly make it even playable
> and same for Majik 3. In Majik 4's case with some luck it would create
> concept of "majiklike" (compare "roguelike") games. Consider the
> advantages and disadvantages. What disadvantages there would be? The
> code we have now is not any use for us anymore, but for someone it
> would.., and do we really care if someone creates a rocking MUD using
> Majik's old base code, I would be proud instead.
> As an bonus advantage there would also be the fact the admins doing
> "majiklike" stuff would eventually get bored with their 
> projects and join
> the Majik 3D project as a very skilled programmers and designers with
> Majik ideas and concepts already in mind without needing us to teach
> anything and with Majik's name and ideas more widely known it would
> lessen the chance of people making similar projects with Majik 3D
> (without even knowing it!) and instead they would join the project.
> Only stupid people or commercial vendors would reinvent the wheel,
> and do we really care? They wouldn't have a chance without aid of
> Slashdot and actually, this action would give _us_ a chance 
> to get /.'d 
> with an article: "Majik 3D project releases all its 
> predecessors source
> code publically available." :)
> So, what do you think?
> -- 
> Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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