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Subject: Re: Gods & designing
From: Lari Kuitunen (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 18:51:45 EEST

namhas wrote:
> What if it is well-known fact that the gods really do exist and they even
> talk with mortals (that being not so rare event). The gods are also
> universal, Majik is not so large and our pantheon is a small one. Of
> a random mortal can say "I worship Bob. Bob is the most great!", without
> such a god existing, but as the gods are common in Majik (my vision), 
> the mortals except some activity, feedback and deeds from the gods and
> thus the false gods do not live long. It should be also usual that the
> real  names of the gods are widely-known, but individual tribes can name
> their god to whatever they wish, but why to name it to something else
> as they know the god by the name anyways? They do not need to call Aluna
> as Aluna always, they can refer she by her title, for example:
> "May the Lady of Light lighten your path.", but IMHO it is not so nice
> to give the god a whole new name which doesn't actually mean anything,
> or with a some excuse like that the name is in the tribe's native
> language and means the Goddess of Sun.

my opinion in this is that a mortal can call a god whatever he wishes, if
he calls
namhas for example, burkhork, while a god named burkhork does not obviously
the mortal's calls would still come to namhas, because in his mind he'd
think of namhas,
but only call him with a different name...
i'm with beregar on this, every race should have different names for the
gods they worship.
christians "know" the true name of the "god" but still they refer to him
with most interesting
ways, rather than call him with his "true" name (altough that was commanded
in the bible or 
something but still.. just rabbling along)...
- malekihti

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