Gods & designing

Subject: Gods & designing
From: Beregar (beregar@majik.netti.fi)
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 14:04:42 EEST

Can races use different names for different gods? I mean for example Brahjians
call Aluna as Jahare-Aheira (or something similar) and some other race with anot
her name. If you wonder why I ask this..well Namhas said "no" and Harum said

If it's "no" then I'll simply make all gods which my races worship as racial gods
and therefor use the name which I find suitable for particular race. (Currently I
have at least 7 gods which are: goddess of sand, beauty and fertility; god of
ocean, masculinity, dreams and murdered souls). Aluna and Shinael are only
"elder" gods which I currently use because I find names of other elder gods un
suitable for my races.

Even if our races can call gods with own names, I still suggest that we make
races first (they are anyway more essential for gameplay than gods).

I suggest we use following order when we design

+ Climate (This is done, but I wish someone would make better:)
+ The Regions of Majik in short
+ The Planet and the Continents Within (summary of previous two)
+ Races roaming the World
+ The Gods
+ Flora (do we really need this? I guess it's better make more detailed
             regions descs for each race?)

With previous stuff it should be more easier to do following things

+ Theory of Magic and Spellcasting
+ Life and Death
+ Priests
+ Structure of the World (This is more like a summary of previous things)
+ Myth of Creation (now we should have all information to make this)
+ Flow of the Time (history and such things)
+ Languages in the World
+ World of names (done?)
+ Currency and Trade

+ Checking all previous things, fixing typos, flaws etc

If you feel that something should be otherwise just say it (and I can say
why you are wrong:). btw I'd like to hear replies, or is everyone here
dead already?

- Beregar (Beregar@majik.netti.fi)

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